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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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abyat e bahoo برہانالواسلین  شہبازلا مکاں  سلطان العارفین  سلطان الفقر مرشد حق   سخی سلطان   شہنشاہ   مرشد نورالہدی   حق با ہو   قدس سرہ العزیز
abyat e bahu شہنشاہ دوجہان  محبوب رب العالمین  احمد مجتبی  نوراللہ  محمد مصطفی  صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم  کے نام     سروری قادری سلسلہ محبوب سبحانی حضور غوث اعظم حضرت شیخ سید عبدالقادر جیلانی قدس سرہ العزیز کا اصل سلسلہ طریقت ہے
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spiritual guider Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) says in his books that who read my books regularly he don't need any live Murshid/spiritual guider. In this site Most popular books like; Rasala-rohi-sharif , Kashf-ul-Asrar, Majalsa-tul-Nabi, Malfuza-ta-Sultan-Bahu (r), Tasavvra-i-Asmi Allah Zat Ka Tarika, Panjabi Kalam-i-Bahu (r), Noor-ul-huda (Qalan) and all other original books are available for free reading All original written by HaqBahu (r) were collected with hard work in original Persian language format of hand written formation and also justified that all these are Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r)'s written and then translated in Urdu language by Dr. K.B. NASEEM: Lahore, PAKISTAN. This work was started before 1982 and first book was published in 1982. In this our site these books are present in both Persian and Urdu language, On each page write side Persian is written and in left side Urdu translation is present, So you can easily read in both languages, These books are also available in printed shape
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Haqbahu (r) Life Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (R) is from the progeny of Hazrat Ali (RA) and is a direct descended from Hazrat Ali (RA). Traditionally according to the law of the land he is Hashimi and belongs to the tribe of A'wan. Historically the A'wan tribe trace their descent to Ameer Shah, son of Qutub Shah whose family lineage is traced back to Hazrat Ali (RA). HaqBahu's (RA) family genealogy is traced as follows:
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Sultan ul Arifeen (r) History

Sultan ul Arifeen we remember the blessed name of that Pure Personality, who is the Fifth Sultan ul Faqara; on him Faqar and Marifat reaches its Ultimate end; his blessed name in itself is unique and matchless and proves on his Pure and Supreme calibers.
Whose name is this that has come on my tongue, O God!
That my utterance kisses my tongue before pronouncing it!
This Pure and Blessed Personality Rahmatullah Alaihi is our Spiritual Mentor Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Burhaan ul Waasileen Muqtadaa e Kaamileen Fanaa Fi Ain e Zaat e Yaa Hu Hazrat Shaikh ul Haq wa Deen Hazrat Pir Sultan Bahu Qudas Sirruhul Aziz. He was the special Deputy and Spiritual Descendant and like him, is the (Fifth) Sultan ul Faqara and Sayyed ul Konain.
Hazrat Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Shaikh Sultan Bahu Qudas Sirruhul Aziz was born in a village in the town Shor Kot of District Jhang of the Punjab Province (of Pakistan) in 1039 (H). It was the era of the great Mughal King Aurangzeb Alamgir. His respectful father, Hazrat Muhammad Bayazid Rahmatullah Alaihi, was very righteous, observer of Shariyat, Hafiz of Quran, expert in issues pertaining to Fiqah and was the special commanding officer of the Mughal Sultanate in his area responsible to important things representing the state. His respectful mother, Hazrat Bibi Raasti Rahmatullah Alaiha, was a Perfect Wali Allah. Besides his being the Master of Capacity of the Fazal of the Azal the Born Wali Allah, the Ability handed over his highness to the lap of that Lady with Pure Inward for his Outwardly, Inwardly, Real and Abstract training and education, our free online ebooks Read More........!

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Article Posted on: Tuesday 16th of October 2018


In short, Allah Almighty has addressed the human beings along with the Jinn in the Noble Quran and has Created the Jinn of fire.


He created man of clay like the potter's. And the Jinn did He create of smokeless fire (55:14-15)


Hence, those people who believe in the Holy Quran, they can never say that from the 'Jinnaat' are meant the people of wild. Instead, it is their belief that Jinnaat are also a created charged with a duty (Mukallif) like the human beings and this creation lives near us on this earth and some of them, like human beings, are Kaafir, Mushrik, Faasiq (abominable person) and Faajir (sinner) and some of them are Momin, Muslim, theists, righteous, Muttaqee and virtuous and they are of different nations and races and have various forms, appearances and colors and shapes.


Word Jinn (Djinn) means a thing that hides or is hidden in Arabic language as Allah Almighty says concerning Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihis-Salaam:


When the night grew dark upon him he beheld a star (6:76)


Since, it is a hidden Invisible Subtle Creation, therefore, it has been referred to with the word 'Jinn'. In addition, the Satan Iblees was also of the kind of Jinn as Allah Almighty says:


He was of the Jinn, so he rebelled against his Lord's command (18:50)


And since, when some Jinnaat become old, they take the appearance of a snake. That is why, the word 'Jaaanun' has been used for snakes in the Holy Quran.


Allah Almighty says: Throw down your staff. And when he saw it writhing as it has been a demon, he turned to flee headlong (28:31)


It should be clear that there are many kinds of these Satan Jinnaat and the Evil Spirits and each kind has its different character and work. One of their kind are those who station inside a house or building and frightens the residents of that premises in wakefulness or in dreams and hurts them and makes them aggrieved.




There would be no city which does not have some such house or building which is not inhabited by these Jinnaat. In common terminology, such house is known as 'Bhaara' (heavy) or 'Demon Stricken'. In Europe, such houses are called Haunted Houses. Jinn do strange things in such houses. Sometimes, they throw bricks and stones on the residents of the house. Scatter faeces and filth at some places. Throw objects down on floor from cabinets and shelves and break the things. Put clothes and accessories on fire in some houses. In short, they undertake abnormal activities before people in daylight. For research on such houses, the Spiritualists of Europe have appointed a Committee of Experts who searches such houses and does research work and notes the conditions and sends to its Society and such findings are published in newspapers. If Muslim Jinn have started living in the house of a Muslim, they do not hurt or worry them but instead they safeguard that house against other Kaafir Jinnaat. Such Jinnaat live with us in our houses like our pet animals like cats and dogs. On the other hand, if Kaafir Jinn starts living in the house of a Muslim, it surely troubles the residents of that house. Such haunted houses are found in every city. Jinn often stay in uninhibited and dark house. A Hadis reveals that the doors of our houses should not be kept opened after dusk because some Traveler Jinnaat enter the house and start living there. Those houses, where recitation of the Holy Quran is done or the activities of Assalaat (Prayers) or the Zikr of Lord are done, Satan Jinn and the Evil Spirits seldom enter there.



Sometimes, the Jinn do the act of thieving in the stocks, wealth and cash and kind that has not been counted or weighed.


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