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هرکه طا لب حق بود من حاضرم     ز ابتدا تا انتها يک د م برم    طا لب بيا طا لب بيا طا لب بيا    تار سانم روز اول با خدا

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Noor Ul Huda Klaan English

Noor Ul Huda Klaan English

Noor Ul Huda Klaan English

Noor ul Huda Qalan (nhq)
نورالهدي کلان
English Persian Urdu

Noor ul Huda Klaan Introduction

Noor ul Huda Klaan is a sufism based book by Hazrat Sultan bahu. He was a sufi poet, a mystic and a scholar. In Noor ul Huda Klaan the writer explained sufism in a great way. Sultan bahoo explains the criteria of murshid e kamil and murshid e naqis. Sultan bahu also clarifies the criteria of true seeker as well as a kaazib seeker.

Hazrat Bahu also mentioned here that any person who will read this book by heart would become a true seeker and will not have any ambiguities in his mind regarding murshid e kamil and a true seeker

He also has explained the concept of faqar and how a true seeker can attain that level of marifat. He has also explained that how any true seeker will be loved by Allah and Rasool. The true seeker should bow himself to Allah and do each and every thing to attain that faqar which will get him closer to Allah. In this book the reader will find all about sufism. By reading this book would be all clarifications about faqar, murshid e kamil and concept of true seeker. Murshid e kamil and Murshid e naqis: These are two things mentioned in Noor ul Huda Klaan. Murshid e kamil takes the seeker through right path of sufi sm. A real seeker wants to attain the qurb Allah, this task become easy on having guidance of murshid e kamil. But not every murshid is murshid e kamil, Hazrat Sultan bahoo tells us the concept of murshid e naqis, who misguides seekers. The one who does not have the ability to take the seeker to the point of faqar and qurb e ilahi.

True seeker and kaazib seeker:

Hazrat Sultan Bahu also has explained the difference between true seeker and kaazib seeker. The person who finds a murshid to get himself blessed. These two kinds of seekers are distinguished on the basis of tin Noor ul Huda Klaan desires. The true seeker is the one who actually wants qurb e ilahi and want to attain faqar. The true seeker is a seeker of dedaar, and murshid e kamil is the provider of this sightedness for him. A kaazib seeker demands the love of life and wants the world and a murshid e naaqis is the provider for him.


Also, the concept of nafs has been explained in Noor ul Huda Klaan. Here are four types of nafs: Nafs e kaafir, Nafs e muslim and Nafs e momin (a true believer). Every true seeker has to be at the level of momin or a true believer.

A true seeker should have to attain the level of faqar by suffocating all his worldly desires. When a true seeker finds his desire of didaar, he gets ilham to drink the poison which kills all his inward desires and takes him to the level of faqar.

The person who has attained this level finds all the things which are actually the purpose of life. A faqir is far away from all the worldly desires he is just a part of majlis. He is a sufi. He will be in the row of Ambia (A.S) and wali Allah. He will be in the best of lives.


This article is to summarize the book and to tell the importance of all these things in life. Hazrat Sultan Bahu has said that a person who read this book whole heartedly will have no need to bait on a murshid. The person who is a true seeker will find nothing difficult in the way of Allah. He will kill his nafs, he will drink the poison. He will become so pure that if he will eat fire, it will be converted into noor. These all are the importance of sufism, faqar and taalib e didaar.

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